Triple Bottom Line

People, Planet, and Profit

2022 International Graduate Student Research Cohort

In 2022 the cohort participants focused their research on innovative best practices and partnerships in the Blue Economy as seen through the lens of the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) framework:  “People, Planet, and Profit”.

The 2022 Cohort includes six students and four faculty members from the University of Tromsø (UiT) – The Arctic University of Norway, the University of Southern Maine (USM), and the University of New Brunswick (UNB). An overview of the project and research will be featured in the media platform, JONAA, Journal of the North Atlantic & Arctic. The students and faculty presented at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik, Iceland on October 13, 2022 in the session, THE ARCTIC BLUE ECONOMY: INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE STUDENT RESEARCH COHORT. Please see below to view the students’ full research papers.