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A Look Ahead

The Maine North Atlantic Institute


The Maine North Atlantic Institute intends to establish the University of Maine System as a leading US institution of higher education for advancing economic prosperity in Maine through collaboration with the North Atlantic Region.


With its history of success and demonstrated broad multidisciplinary scope, the USM Maine North Atlantic Institute will focus on addressing the following community needs:

1. Environmental & Community Health

Helping communities understand climate change and how to mitigate and adapt to its impact on their environment and health.

2. Cultural Connections

Connecting Maine to the Arctic and High North Atlantic Regions through faculty-student exchanges in cultural tourism, the arts and humanities, and multidisciplinary programs.

3. Economy & Law

Supporting collaboration that connects organizations with educational services, public policy, and oceans and coastal law.

​​Through all our initiatives in these areas, we will concentrate on:

  • ​A globally competent workforce for Maine
  • ​​Preparing employees who can contribute to innovative solutions in a complex, multi-faceted global economy and community
  • ​​Investments in Maine-North Atlantic ventures
  • ​​Attracting capital investments to make Maine the national hub for economic activity in the North Atlantic Region

The Institute will leverage the talents, programs, and services of the University of Maine system and our partners in Maine and the North Atlantic as we pursue these outcomes:


  • ​More students graduate with global competence credentials that align with the skills employers involved in the North Atlantic region are looking for
  • More students are employed by Maine businesses involved in the North Atlantic region
  • More collaborations are forged between North Atlantic and Maine researchers

Business and Community

  • More Maine employers are able to conduct business in the North Atlantic
  • More Maine/North Atlantic research/technology transfer inform business, economic development, environmental and community health policies and strategies in Maine
  • More social and cultural connections develop between Maine and North Atlantic
  • More capital and equity is invested in Maine for economic opportunities related to the North Atlantic