Our Mission

Adapting and Innovating for the Future of Maine

Did you know that the state of Maine is 42nd in GDP per capita in the US?

the State of Maine with $44K

Did you know that North Atlantic countries like Iceland and Norway have a higher GDP per capita than nearly every state in America?

map of norway with $89K

By harnessing the power of collaboration and innovation, we believe Maine can become an economic leader on the world stage.

Since 2015, MNAI has been fostering Maine’s relationships with businesses, universities, and communities throughout the North Atlantic in order to encourage cross-cultural innovation, drive economic opportunities, and propel solutions to climate-related challenges. We believe this kind of relationship-building will put our state’s economy in a position to grow and prosper. We aim to harness the power of cross-cultural teamwork and innovation to encourage an exchange of technology and ideas and ensure a sustainable, prosperous future for the state of Maine and the North Atlantic region.

We are MNAI.

Driving ingenuity and sustainability, from the University of Southern Maine to the rest of the world.