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Cultural Connections

Employers are looking for creative thinkers who can communicate effectively with people of varying nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The MNAI sponsors initiatives that infuse the liberal arts into business innovation and development, encourage cross-cultural exchange in the visual/performing arts and humanities, open students to our diverse interconnected world, and connect artists with North Atlantic Maritime Provinces and countries.

Project Highlights

  • Crossing Boundaries: A North Atlantic Student-Teacher Exchange | Kelly Hrenko
  • Honors Program Intensive Short-Term Study & Internships Abroad | Rebecca Nisetich
  • USM Visiting Artist Program | Olof Nordal
  • Culture, Commerce, Civilization: Iceland & The North Atlantic in a Global World | John Muthyala, Jan Piribeck, Elizabeth Bischof
Diverse and cheerful audience

Culture, Commerce, and the Digital Humanities

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USM Visiting Artist Program

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Reykjavik University

Honors Study Abroad Program

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