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Economy & Law

The MNAI supports collaborations that connect businesses with educational services, public policy, and oceans and coastal law. Because businesses today are seeking employees who can approach business problems with ingenuity, innovation, and an entrepreneurial mindset, we sponsor workforce development initiatives that build the 21st-century skills of our future workforce.

Project Highlights

  • Maine Regulatory & Ethics Training Center | Ross Hickey
  • Landscapes & Livelihoods in the North Atlantic | Matthew Hoffman
  • Suds to Shrimp: Recirculating Aquaculture & Aquaponics Systems | Theodore Willis
  • Seaweed Farming Renaissance in Maine & Iceland: Bio-economy Workforce Development | Ike Levine
  • MeRTEC Experiential Ethics Study Abroad in Iceland | Carol Nemeroff and Robert Bruce Thompson
  • Innovation & Creativity Summer Session | Richard Bilodeau
  • MBA Practicum: Experiential New England Ocean Cluster Collaboration | Robert Heiser
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Tourism in Maine and Iceland

Maine and Iceland share many similarities: a rural landscape; tourism as a leading economic sector; and workforce shortages. Both regions… | Read More |

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Innovation and Creativity Summer Session

Business growth depends upon creativity. This projects seeks to equip students with the strategies to cultivate creativity by combining… | Read More |

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Regulatory Compliance and Ethics Student Exchange Program

There is growing international awareness of how important ethical considerations are for the viability of regional and international… | Read More |

MBA 698 Practicum: Experiential New England Ocean Cluster and Student Collaboration

Maine has been a net exporter of raw seafood for many years. Maine businesses would like to increase the production of downstream… | Read More |

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Maine Regulatory and Training Ethics Center (MeRTEC)

The Maine Regulatory Training and Ethics Center is an interdisciplinary, educational program designed to provide guidance in regulatory… | Read More |