Maine Regulatory and Training Ethics Center (MeRTEC)

The Maine Regulatory Training and Ethics Center is an interdisciplinary, educational program designed to provide guidance in regulatory training and ethics. The Center was established in response to the business community’s growing need to understand and comply with regulations in order to avoid costly mistakes and time-consuming barriers to entry. The Center brings together an interdisciplinary methodology to improve workforce education, business viability, and Maine job growth. Graduates will be employed in businesses looking for this competency in their workforce; new professionals in the field of regulatory compliance will receive training through USM’s professional certificate; and participating start-up companies will demonstrate increased efficiency in getting products to market, as well as increased job creation and sales.


The goal of this project is to establish the Regulatory and Navigation Certificate, which would be the nation’s first professional training curriculum focused on core competencies within law, ethics, and the social sciences.


  • Reykjavik University

  • Iceland Ocean Cluster House

  • New England Ocean Cluster House


Ross Hickey

Ross Hickey

Assistant Provost for Research Integrity