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Environmental & Community Health

We work closely with our partners in Maine and the North Atlantic to strengthen students’ understanding of climate change and its broad global effects, its impacts on the community and human health, and its influence on our global, national, and state economy.

Project Highlights

  • Sustainable Adaptations to Climate & Landscape Change | Firooza Pavri
  • Samstarf & Samarbeid: Exploring Public Health Collaboration in the North Atlantic | Judith Tupper
  • Iceland & Maine Tourism: Research, Travel Class, Masters Class in Iceland | Tracy Michaud
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Exploring Public Health Collaboration in the North Atlantic

The Samstarf Initiative enhanced public health and healthcare capacity in the areas of workforce training, international health, health… | Read More |

penhale sands

GIS and Dune Formation Research

This work studies environmental resilience and how severe weather impacts landscapes and how human beings react resiliently… | Read More |

Sarkisoy village, Lofoten islands, Norway

Research Partnerships for Rural Community Development

Throughout the North Atlantic Periphery, rural communities face a variety of similar challenges when it comes to managing their resources… | Read More |

suds to shrimp

Suds to Shrimp

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) solve several vexing problems with aquaculture, specifically water usage and untreated nutrient… | Read More |